Installing Floating Docks and Pilings

This installation is for a special event this coming weekend in Newport Harbor. A local yacht club will celebrate its 100th anniversary. South Mooring is installing these floating docks and pilings to enable greater participation. The day after the event, we will remove the installation!

South Mooring installing pilings in Newport Harbor

Floating docks and pilings installation

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Maintaining Your Mooring


People have some good questions about mooring maintenance. In this post, we describe what goes into maintaining your mooring every other year, as required by law.

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Newport Beach Lower Bay Dredging Update July 2012

cropped image of dredge named palomar in operation

Dredge Palomar working in Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor’s lower bay dredging project is progressing. Most shoaled areas are being dredged to -10 feet MLLW and the main channel is scheduled to be dredged to -14 feet MLLW. Sediment which has been identified by extensive testing as clean is being dumped offshore, while other sediment is helping the Port of Long Beach expand port infrastructure. Read on for an update on the project, with photos, from Chris Miller.

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Palomar Dredging Newport Harbor

Palomar has been removing sediment from near the public anchorage area in Newport Harbor. When this video was taken, about half of the NHYC field and about half of F mooring field moorings had been temporarily removed from the area to accommodate dredging. This phase of the project is projected to run through September 2012. Read on for a photo and video of the Palomar in action.

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Mooring Relocation for Lower Bay Dredging

F and NHYC temporary mooring relocations

Some boats in F and NHYC temporarily relocated for dredging.

Boaters with yachts in portions of “F” and “NHYC” mooring fields have been hearing that some temporary mooring relocations are necessary so that Lower Bay dredging may proceed. South Mooring Company will perform these temporary mooring relocations for the dredging contractor, R.E. Staite. Moorings will be returned to their places as the project progresses.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

bad pendants

Bad mooring pendants

Here is a sampling of good, bad, ugly and unsafe mooring pendants and spreader lines from around the harbor.

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Mooring Line Condition Update

The Harbor Patrol now requires that approved mooring repair companies report the condition of mooring lines (or mooring pendants) to them and also turn in a completed work order when the line work is completed. In addition to shore mooring lines, South Mooring Co. keeps a complete inventory of lines for offshore boats in stock and can put them on for you immediately.

good mooring pendants

Good mooring pendant splices with thimbles

If you like doing your own line work, as many of us do, it will be necessary for you to contact the Harbor Patrol when the work is done, so that they can inspect it.