Installing Floating Docks and Pilings

This installation is for a special event this coming weekend in Newport Harbor. A local yacht club will celebrate its 100th anniversary. South Mooring is installing these floating docks and pilings to enable greater participation. The day after the event, we will remove the installation!

South Mooring installing pilings in Newport Harbor

Floating docks and pilings installation

The photo at the very top of page (click to top) shows the project as of 8 A.M. today. The photo immediately above was taken around 10 A.M. today. You can take a look at the webcam. We plan to complete the installation soon to leave time for inspections. Having necessary floats and pilings staged nearby helps installation proceed quickly.

In Newport Harbor, nobody has ever installed temporary floating docks and pilings for a 100th anniversary Opening Day ceremony of a local yacht club. This is the oldest yacht club in Newport Beach, founded just ten years (1916) after the city itself was founded (1906). All 200 of the original Newport Beach citizens could easily stand on this temporary floating dock installation.

This was a great project for our newest and largest A–frame barge and South Mooring was honored to be involved.

Bigger Barge Installs Longer Pilings

This larger barge is South Mooring’s newest rig. We found her in another harbor, brought it here to Newport Harbor, then refit and rebuilt her to better serve piling installation and floating dock maintenance needs. We work on floating docks around the harbor, not just on temporary floating docks for special events!

larger barge helps with dock and piling work

Our newest A–frame barge

The photo below shows some of the muscle behind the magic. And the men that make it happen!

South Mooring people and equipment

Larger A–frame Barge winch and crew

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  1. It makes sense that mooring would be important if you live on a waterfront. You need to have a place to put your boat, after all! If it floats away due to inadequate space to hook it up, that could be a big loss!

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