Newport Beach Lower Bay Dredging Update July 2012

cropped image of dredge named palomar in operation

Dredge Palomar working in Newport Harbor

Newport Harbor’s lower bay dredging project is progressing. Most shoaled areas are being dredged to -10 feet MLLW and the main channel is scheduled to be dredged to -14 feet MLLW. Sediment which has been identified by extensive testing as clean is being dumped offshore, while other sediment is helping the Port of Long Beach expand port infrastructure. Read on for an update on the project, with photos, from Chris Miller.

Update from Chris Miller

Newport Harbor lower bay dredging area illustration, July 2012

Figure 1, Lower Bay Dredging Status July 2012

Chris Miller, the Newport Beach Harbor Resources Manager, provides the following update on the Newport Beach lower bay dredging project. Thanks to Chris for the update with photos! Click on images for a larger version.

  • Figure 1 [shown above] illustrates current Newport Harbor lower bay dredging project status.

  • A couple weeks ago, the Port of Long Beach (POLB) requested the City to temporarily suspend delivery of material to the fill site. Their project was nearing capacity, and they wanted to accurately account for the remaining disposal needs of all of the fill partners – not an easy task! In addition, the Port is working on increasing the height of the underwater dike which will allow for more material. The Port has assured us that there will be room for the City’s remaining material, but we’ll have to stand by for a few weeks until we’re given permission to resume disposal. Fortunately, the City is in an excellent position to stand by because we have plenty of clean material to keep us busy. Because of this flexibility, the Port will accommodate us.

  • The large area between Lido Isle and the Peninsula is about 98% complete. All of this was POLB fill material [for the middle harbor expansion project], so we were rushing to dispose [of] as much as we could. When the POLB window opens back up, RE Staite (RES) will come back for a couple days of clean-up work around the perimeter of the dredge footprint (along the edges of the docks), then they’ll be done with that area. I’ll be sure to keep in contact with any homeowners who may have boats that are in the way.

  • Currently, RES is dredging near the anchorage area between Lido Isle and Bay Island. There’s a lot of material, so RES will be here until the end of July. We all very much appreciate the efforts of Newport Harbor Yacht Club in helping to relocate most of [its] mooring field. It’s a big job with a lot of people involved in coordinating this effort. Thank you! I’ll do everything I can to speed things along.

  • On that same note, the mooring folks in the D Field near N. Bay Front on Balboa Island have also been very patient. Since we’re on hold with the POLB, we can’t dredge the material near the entrance to Promontory Bay just yet. Hoping it will be just a couple more weeks until we start back in this area.

  • If I had to guess, the remaining POLB bound material by the Harbor Patrol [and] Balboa Yacht Club won’t be dredged until mid to late August or so.

  • Currently, the larger dredge, Palomar, is working in the harbor while the small dredge is down in San Diego undergoing maintenance.

  • On July 24, the City Council will be considering funding other areas to dredge as part of Phase II of the project. Then, the following week, the County Board of Supervisors will be also consider contributing funds to dredge the County Tidelands portions of [Phase II of] the project.

  • [Included below are] some interesting photos, and may help answer some questions like How does the material get dumped from the scow?

  • You are also welcome to refer to the City of Newport Beach website for [dredging] updates. (There may be some lag time between this email and our postings.)

Chris Miller, Harbor Resources Manager

Thanks to mooring permit holders for patience through this project! Check out Chris’ photos of the dredging operation, below.

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