Mooring Services

Chain-through mooring design

Chain–through moorings can be easily inspected and certified

Newport Beach municipal code requires inspection of your mooring and certification to specification (onshore or offshore) every two years. South Mooring Company is an approved contractor for these inspections and any required mooring maintenance work required to meet specifications. For offshore moorings, ballast size ratings vary from hundreds of pounds to thousands of pounds. We inspect, correct, and certify ballast weight and chain size. Minimum ballast weight and chain sizes are specified by the length over all of the vessel moored. This data is published by The County of Orange.

Mooring pendants are the lines which connect your boat to your mooring. If pendants need replacement, we replace them. We inspect, repair, and paint mooring buoys so your mooring’s required ID number is legible on top and its bottom resists fouling.

mooring buoys

Buoys labeled with Harbor Department–issued numbers

We maintain an inventory of clean, steel ballast to accommodate prudent mariners who prefer to set their yacht with more than the legally required minimum ballast. For double–point moorings, we can assemble snap–in spreader lines with floats to make it easier to pick up your mooring. If you have the older mystery rod style mooring buoys, we will suggest you upgrade to the newer chain–through style floats.

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