Offshore Moorings

We provide turn–key mooring maintanance service complete with all necessary Harbor Department paperwork for your biannual mooring inspection.

  • Complete inspection and overhaul of moorings
  • Off-shore painter mooring lines with heavy galvanized thimbles
    spliced in
  • Rated hot dipped galvanized chain & shackles
  • Inspecting, repairing and painting buoys
  • New buoys available for any size mooring
  • Maintain an inventory of railroad wheels and other steel weights
    for the prudent mariner who may want to upgrade his mooring
  • Aligning moorings to your satisfaction
  • Complete mooring line services, custom fit to your boat
  • Snap on spreader lines with floats
A mystery rod mooring

Mystery rod moorings cannot be inspected without destruction

We can replace your internal rod style mooring buoys with more secure chain through style floats. Mooring buoys with internal rod transfer load from pendant to mooring chain. There is no good non-destructive means to visually inspect or certify the condition of those internal rods. We call these mystery rod moorings. In contrast, the chain–through moorings enable inspection of every inch of the mooring. The chain–through mooring buoy design delivers peace of mind.

Chain-through mooring design

Chain through moorings can be easily inspected and certified

In addition to painting the bottom of the mooring buoy with antifouling paint, we repaint your buoy’s identification numbers on the buoy top. A finishing touch is the addition of a new yellow polypropylene mooring spreader line with floats to make easier picking up your mooring. We can custom fabricate these to fit your mooring to save you the trouble. We can add snap hooks to the spreader line ends to make the spreader line easier to retrieve or deploy if that is your preference.

floating spreader lines for double point moorings

New mooring spreader lines

South Mooring Company can handle all necessary Harbor Department paperwork for your mooring maintenance project. We will even send you a 30 day notice to remind you when service is due. We look forward to servicing your mooring for many years!