Onshore Moorings

Onshore moorings may moor boats up to eighteen feet length overall. These usually terminate at a post driven into the beach, which is why we call them (on)shore moorings. The post is usually a 4″ x 4″ length of treated wood driven into the sand. A pulley and line are affixed to the post. This enables pulling the moored boat closer to the beach or mooring to serve one’s purpose. Main features of our shore mooring service include:

  • Complete inspection and overhaul of moorings
  • Shorelines replaced with keeper rings, floats and stainless steel pulleys
  • Shore posts replaced and installed
  • Shore posts use only treated wood
  • Wall rings installed

We can handle all required Harbor Department paperwork along with servicing your shore mooring. We will even send you a thirty day notice in advance of your next required service.